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My Hamptons Instagram Weekend: The Hampton Classic, Don Julio, Bloomberg and Sailing

I’d say this was a pretty damn good Labor Day weekend. I boxed at the beach, then went to the Monika Olko Gallery in Sag Harbor to catch the end of the Lynn Matsuoka art opening. Then hit Muse for a drink and ventured out for a little dinner and dancing at Namos in Southampton, where a go-go dancer with a snake danced above our table while we ate. I saw my friend Nate Best from high school, who is one of the best photographers out here on the East End, taking pictures of her. “What are you doing that for Nate? Did she hire you to do that?”

“She’s my girlfriend,” he smiled.

Touche Nate, touche.

Yesterday I went to the Hampton Classic to enjoy the horse show, then headed to the and Don Julio house in Bridgehampton, where I met the CEO of Don Julio, (who is as cool as you would think) and the hospitality at this house was tremendous, especially the free tequila and a conversation about how owning a limo isn’t as expensive as you might think (yes, it is).

In the morning, I did a little boxing with my trainer, Yevgeniy Kievsky, who was bragging about how he spoke to Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the American Hotel as he was giving me shots to the liver. “Oh yeah? Well I saw Pippa Middleton and hung with her on Shelter Island,” I lied.

Later, I went sailing with my two dogs and girlfriend after having a Citarella lunch at my Dad’s house in Springs.

You can’t beat that. Summer 2012, you were one of the best, if not THE BEST. I can’t believe the film festival is around the corner.

Here’s some videos and pictures.




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