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Police Respond To “Suspicious Package” In Waldbaum’s Parking Lot In Southampton

Update: Turns out that the suspicious package was just an empty bottle of champagne and discarded lobster from a dinner.


The Southampton Fire Department and the Southampton Village Police Department have sealed off access to the Waldbum‘s parking lot after a suspicious package was reported today.

The package, which has been described as, “Like a spaghetti pot” was placed outside of Spagnoli Physical Therapy & Manual and Sports Physical Therapy, which shares the parking lot with Waldbaums in Southampton.

The package was noticed this morning but police were alerted at 3:30 p.m. by the office manager of Manual and Sports Physical Therapy, Vivian Lanciano.

“I just wanted to make sure. I noticed it this morning and it seemed suspicious to me. It was there pretty much all day and calling police seemed like the right thing to do. I didn’t want to put myself and others in danger by checking it out myself. They still don’t know what it is,” Vivian said.

The container is currently outside, just below the steps of Manual and Sports Physical Therapy.


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