Tricking My Dog Sally In Southampton And Getting Her In Trouble

This morning I tricked my dog Sally into doing something that is very bad, for the sole purpose of catching her in the act and then disciplining her.

I feel incredibly horrible about this because it seemed kind of deceptive what I did, and the second reason is because I really hate trying to teach my dog anything. I don’t really care what she does, but it drives my girlfriend crazy when she sees Sally jump up on the bed, so I decided to take some action.

What I did this morning was I left the door into my bedroom open and pretended I wasn’t watching my dog knowing that she wouldn’t be able to resist jumping up on the bed. And then I walked into the living room, pretending I wasn’t paying attention to her, and sure enough, Sally hopped up on the bed.

Quickly, I walked back into the bedroom and I made eye contact with her and she immediately jumped off the bed. I didn’t even have to say anything, she knew she’d done something wrong just by the way I looked at her, all I had to do was stand there and look at her she cowered underneath a table that sits next to my bed.

I really am not the type of person that has the ability to not feel bad about tricking my dog. So as Sally hid underneath the table, I decided that instead of acting angry, I would reward her with a treat to make her feel better.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed some bacon from the refrigerator and gave her a couple of slices which she ate up like a maniac.

She then looked at me, smiled, and walked out of the bedroom.

I think I’m starting to understand why my dog continues to jump up on my bed.

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