Video: People In The Hamptons Are Freaking Out About Gas Shortage

All across the Hamptons there are lines for gasoline due to a gas shortage. Cars on the way to work this morning were waiting for hours to get gas at the Hess station along County Road 39. Many gas stations in Southampton are simply closed down.

The rumors are flying about where you can get gas and when the supply will come back. I’ve heard everything from Tuesday to next Friday.

Kathy Rae, our Associate Publisher, took the video below this morning on her way to the Dan’s Papers office.

I’ve also heard about fights breaking out at gas stations, with people getting frustrating and angry.

I’m just personally trying to relax about it, drive my car as little as possible and staying away from gas stations in general because it’s just not worth it to me. This will all be over soon.

Screw it, I’m biking to work tomorrow.

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