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East Hampton Zoning Board Debates Controlling Cyril’s Expansion, Good Luck With That

Cyril’s Fish House on the Napeague stretch is an institution. Cars park up and down the highway seemingly forever and party-goers make the walk to the little shack on the side of the road to pretend for a few hours that they aren’t rich and to have a few drinks.

The restaurant and bar has been widely spoken about at the East Hampton Town Planning Board as of late because there has been discussion on whether or not it makes sense to change its zoning status.

The restaurant is currently zoned as a residential business, and the board is discussing on changing it to a neighborhood business. If they do this, Cyril’s will be able to expand its restaurant by about thirty seats and would also be able to get more parking.

Last summer, Cyril’s was subject to over 40 violation of the Town code, mainly because of the popularity of the place.

The Town Board is split down the middle on whether or not they should allow Cyril’s to expand after the most recent vote.

Look, I got news for the zoning board, and this is nothing personal or anything, but there is just no way in hell that fewer people are going to go to Cyril’s in the future, it’s like trying to control less people from going to beach, the place is part of the soul of the Hamptons, why would you not let the guy expand?

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