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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: 2012 on the East End

Some made life better, or a little bitter. Others inspired us, amused us, even confused us. A toast to the ideas, good and bad, that made 2012 unforgettable on the East End.

Good Idea: Putting Dan’s Papers in the season premiere of CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother
Bad Idea: Not filming the Hamptons-set ABC drama Revenge in the Hamptons

Good Idea: Fixing County Road 39 to reduce traffic congestion
Bad Idea: Fixing County Road 39 at the height of summer traffic

Good Idea: The Tatewich, a combination of Tate’s cookies and Joe & Liza’s ice cream proven to be the perfect locavore dessert.
Bad Idea: Duck Sushi, which our collective palates allow us to discuss no further

Good Idea: Officially designating the Montauk Lighthouse as a National Historic Landmark
Bad Idea: Officially changing the name of Theodore Roosevelt County Park to Montauk County Park

Good Idea: Alec Baldwin taking himself off the market and marrying Hilaria Thomas
Bad Idea: Alec Baldwin taking himself off Twitter and denying us his hilarity

Good Idea: Banning plastic bags in Southampton
Bad Idea: Banning plastic bags in Southampton

Good Idea: Jason Kidd buying a house in the Hamptons and joining the NY Knicks
Bad Idea: The NY Mets trading Cy Young Award-winner RA Dickey to Toronto. Now he’ll never move to the East End.

Good Idea: Bay Street Theatre staying in Sag Harbor
Bad Idea: Staying in Diddy’s East Hampton home if you’re not Diddy

Good Idea: Tall Ships Memorial Day festival in Greenport
Bad Idea: Boating without your Suffolk County mandated safe-boating certificate

Good Idea: Hamptons Collegiate Baseball becoming their own independent summer league
Bad Idea: Throwing baseballs with your phone number written on them to girls in the stands during the MLB playoffs

Good Idea: Celebrating winners on Shelter Island like Olympic sailor Amanda Clark-Nissen and hoops star Kelsey McGayhey
Bad Idea: Discouraging winning at Southampton High School by eliminating distinction for valedictorian and salutatorian.

Good Idea: Buying a house in the Hamptons far away from the airport
Bad Idea: Having the FAA reroute flights over your home

Good Idea: Holding $50,000-a-plate presidential fundraisers in the Hamptons
Bad Idea: Being quoted as saying, “I just think if you’re lower income—one, you’re not as educated, two…they don’t understand how the systems work,” at a $50,000-a-plate Hamptons fundraiser

Good Idea: Liking Dan’s Papers on Facebook
Bad Idea: Investing your life savings in the Facebook IPO

Good Idea: Opening the new Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill
Bad Idea: Leaving the old Parrish space in Southampton empty

Good Idea: Throwing a party for friends at your Hamptons house
Bad Idea: Throwing a party for friends in Shinnecock Bay during low tide, then having to be rescued during high tide

Good Idea: Peconic Bay Water Jitney
Bad Idea: Going overboard at the Barcelona party

Good Idea: Dan’s Papers moving offices to beautiful new digs Southampton.
Bad Idea: Leaving behind so many five-star restaurants to be within walking distance of McDonald’s, Burger King and 7-Eleven

What were the best, and worst, things you encountered on the East End in 2012? Share them in the comments below!

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