Hamptons Police Blotter: McGumbus Saves Cats

On Shelter Island, Old Man McGumbus rescued a group of cats this week, but he claims he still hates them. Workers try to steal from their Hamptons employer and Grayson Global gets in the spotlight. Read about all this and more with your weekly dose of the Hamptons Police Blotter.

Bad Chimney Sweep

Two men on the North Fork were arrested after allegedly perpetrating a scam in which they offered to clean a chimney, were paid for it, didn’t do the work and took off.

The men were charged with grand larceny after a woman who paid over $4,500 for their “work” filed a complaint.

Bad Pawn Man

A man in Hampton Bays was caught after engaging in a fairly elaborate scheme to steal money from his employer. After using his boss’ account numbers to make purchases, he then attempted to unload those same items at different pawnshops on Long Island. He was caught when his boss noticed there was stuff on his account that he didn’t buy. If only that one little detail had slipped through, it could have been the perfect crime…

Gray Area

Victoria and Conrad Grayson, who own the investment house Grayson Global, were under investigation last week after an apparent shooting that killed a man on the beach outside of their Southampton home. One of the men being questioned in the incident is Daniel Grayson, their son. Oh, wait, that’s just one of my favorite episodes of Revenge.

Shelter Island

And now for some real news. Old Man McGumbus, 102 years old and a decorated World War II Captain as well as the founder of the East End Navy SEALs, was in the middle of his morning 12-mile swim around Shelter Island when he spotted a house fire on the coast. McGumbus swam to shore near Coecles Harbor and ran into the home, rescuing seven cats. When asked by reporters about the rescue, he responded, “I hate cats, they’re for hippies. But these cats are Americans. I had no choice but to save them.”

No Snow

Emergency crews had to be called to several locations in the Hamptons last Monday when a number of residents walking outside collapsed from heat exhaustion.

The people, six men and three women in total, were all wearing top-of-the-line winter gear, estimated to be worth over $30,000. Officials believe that because the weather has been so warm, the clothing proved too effective. One of the men said that he was unwilling to not put on his snow jacket at least once before spring and didn’t care about bodily harm. “Global warming is ruining everything,” he said.

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