Keep Fit: Inside Sports and Fabu Workout Clothes

“An orange peanut? For me? I accept you.”

For anyone who doesn’t understand the context of the above, I highly recommend watching Bad Lip Reading in the NFL—it was a Dan’s Daily Viral video last week, and it’s hysterical.

The video compiles clips from multiple NFL games, and someone with a lot of time on his/her hands voiced over what was actually said, making up ridiculous and nonsensical quotes.

Playing a prominent role in the jabs is New England Patriots QB Tom Brady. (He apparently shouts, “Hey guys, I found Fido” before plays.)

It would be no surprise to me if this was intentional, if the creator of the video is one of a majority of NFL fans who have a vendetta against Brady. Even non-sports fans cite his personal life as reason for a bad reputation. (He left his pregnant girlfriend Bridget Moynahan in 2006 and was soon connected to supermodel Gisele Bündchen.) The Patriots are the Yankees of football—it’s easy to love to hate them.

But I know so many Pats-haters who, in bizarre fashion, still want the team to go as far as possible—if only so they can keep rooting against them and have a reason to care about the game being played. Isn’t that what makes sports fun? Having a dangerous hierarchy of teams you root for and cheer against? Complicated “if…then…” scenarios to determine who you want to win?

But New England is out of the playoffs, and an obvious reason to care about the outcome of the Super Bowl is out.

The Falcons are gone, too, eliminating the possibility of rooting for our sort-of-hometown-hero, Boston College alum and Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan.

What’s a Hamptonite to do come February 3? (Aside from the obvious—enjoying the commercials, taking in the halftime show with fellow East End visitor, Beyoncé, eating deliciously bad-for-you food and ruthlessly cheering for an adopted team.)

While I have no plans to miss the game, I do plan on going to the Lululemon Yogabowl, a warehouse sale at Nassau Coliseum held that weekend (February 1-3). It’ll apparently include heated competitions—like a 100-yard dash—with Lululemon merchandise as the prize.

The event promises to draw crowds the size of which the Isles haven’t seen in years. Decades. That’s how fantastic Lululemon clothes are—and how awesome it will be to have such a selection of gear all in one place.

What better place to be on Super Bowl weekend than a stadium, right?

Interestingly, despite the fact that Lululemon is having this enormous sale on Long Island, they only have three stores in Suffolk and NassauEast Hampton, Manhasset and in Roosevelt Field.

Further investigation reveals that the latter two host free community yoga classes once a week—whereas East Hampton currently offers at least three, and they tend to rotate every month. Props to them for being so involved in the community, even in the winter.

The philosophy behind the classes is to showcase local fitness gurus, as the teachers are all instructors at various East End gyms and studios as well. I recently attended “Core, Strength and Stretch with Linda Silich,” who apparently does some killer TRX training at Studio 89 in Sag Harbor. As someone whose primary fitness routine involves cardio, I enjoyed getting in some medicine ball training. The class was the perfect combination of strength exercises and yoga-esque stretches.

I’ll definitely be back, hopefully sporting some new, fabu Lululemon clothing.

Everyone loves a warehouse sale. Wonder what Tom Brady will be doing come Super Bowl weekend?

Maybe I’ll see him there.

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