Need a Husband? Need a Wife? Loaves & Fishes Has You Covered

So you’re single, it’s the wintertime in the Hamptons and the people that your friends introduce you to are short a few screws. Well, let me tell you about a secret that a little bird told me, Loaves & Fishes has a little singles operation going on that apparently is developing a bit of a reputation for matching people together.

Do you like food? You do? Well so do the people who attend the Loaves & Fishes cooking classes for singles!

Come as you are to the cooking classes for singles and enjoy an evening out all about food and of course, checking out the people who are there. Learn new culinary skills and techniques, experience and taste ingredients new to you, be introduced to local foods, and of course, pray to God that the super hot divorcee will think your adorable as you screw up making a batch of risotto.

I personally have never been to the singles version of these classes, but I’ve done the class themselves and can vouch for them as a good time. In fact, it’s a great time. So even if you don’t fall in love, you’ll still have a productive and fun day.

At the end of each class you will sit down together and taste the delicious results that you make. Classes are recommended for two different interest groups, ages 50 and over or under 50.

January 26 is recommended for under 50

February 9 is recommended for 50 and over

February 23
 is recommended for under 50

Good luck.

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