The Sheltered Islander: On Being Way Too Ambitious…

I always think New Year’s resolutions are stupid. They never last more than the end of the day for me, but psychology pundits say that writing it down can help make it real. Okay, I’ll give it a shot.

I resolve to pay off all credit cards this year. Wait, too ambitious. How about, I resolve not to charge anything until my balances are paid down by 50%. Nope, still too ambitious. I resolve to pay all the Minimum Dues this year on time. That never works, they’re all due at different times. Okay, I resolve not to charge anything in January, I think I can manage that. Wait… what if there’s a really good sale? They said to shop smart, shop the sales and buy in the off-season. All the Christmas stuff will be really cheap now. Okay, never mind resolving anything about the credit cards.

I resolve to clear out my house this year of all its junk. I don’t qualify as a hoarder, but I don’t even want to be in the running, so it’s clean away the stuff. But it takes me a month to empty a single closet. When I see all the stuff inside, I always repack it and keep it. What I really want to do is reorganize my office. Yeah, that’s the ticket! But then I have to make all those decisions of what to keep, not keep. Keep all tax stuff back five years, then there’s all the partially completed projects—I know I want them done, I just can’t pull it together and finish them! Okay, maybe I’ll just organize my hard drive and purge all the stuff I can jettison. That’s workable, plus I can drink hot chocolate while I do it. Okay, so I have the first resolution for the year 2013—I will clean up my hard drive!

Personal improvements…boy, I could spend pages and pages on this one. Let’s see, I don’t smoke or drink, so I can’t get credit for giving them up. There’s always weight loss, but I really need a personal chef for that—that’s what Oprah needed, me too I think. Let’s see, I could get rid of my chignon and get a cute short hairdo—no, too much maintenance. I’ll just rinse out the gray, that will be a big enough shock for people now. Okay, resolution #2: The gray goes.

I will read all the books I have bought with intent to read, but have not read regardless of when purchased. Ow… not even close. Why is it I can never give away unread books that I’ve had for years? With the advent of the internet, they are just clutter that I drag with me. Still, I love books. I love the feel and smell of them. The secure way they smash spiders. I do love books…

Well, I have two resolutions now, clean out my hard drive and rinse my hair. But I think that’s ambitious enough…for the year. No sense in overdoing anything.

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