Kelly Ripa Signs On with Colgate Total

Kelly Ripa Colgate Total ad still

Live! With Kelly and Michael co-host and Water Mill resident Kelly Ripa has signed on to be the new smiling face of  a new Colgate Total ad campaign.

The “You Can Do It” campaign encourages consumers to take control of their health and well-being, including proper oral hygiene, by making small, achievable goals. Ripa is asking consumers to follow her lead by committing to healthy living and discovering the importance of a healthy mouth. She will star in television spots and be involved in both social media and online promotion of the toothpaste.

“I’m always setting new goals for myself, from exercising more to eating more fruits and vegetables. People say it’s hard to follow a healthy routine, but with Colgate Total, you can do it,” Ripa said as part of the announcement sent out by Colgate-Palmolive earlier this month. “A healthy mouth is vital to maintaining a healthy body, so I’m resolving to make oral hygiene a stronger part of my overall health routine. It’s a small, easy change that will have a great impact. I want to motivate others by showing them that they can do it too.”

As part of the overall campaign, Colgate Total has added various elements to its website and Facebook. Watch Ripa‘s first commercial below!

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