Ashley Murray Has Gone Missing on the North Fork and It’s Terrifying

North Fork teen went missing one week ago today, and it’s getting pretty terrifying for everyone on the North Fork.

Ashley Murray went missing Monday, February 25th 2013 and left only a suicide note. She left without phone chargers, medication for her anemia, clothes or even a toothbrush according to a post on Facebook placed by her family. Her family still feels strongly that she is still alive, even though she left a suicide note and also feel that somebody is helping her runaway.

I’m not exactly sure why there is an enormous assumption that she just ran away and hasn’t been kidnapped or committed suicide amongst those voicing their opinion on Facebook about her having gone missing. There are a few comments online that bullying in Southold is a huge problem.

Ashley is 5’4 and 140 pounds, with auburn hair. She was last wearing red baggy sweat pants, and a black-and-gray corduroy zippered sweatshirt with a hood.

Many of the posts on Facebook are consistently suggesting that she ran away and did not kill herself.

Beth Kube-Borowy said on Facebook that, “Southold school dist. needs to get a serious handle on the bullying problem that exists in this school. They should take a lesson from the Mattituck/Cutchogue school district about this. They don’t wait for the kids to report it, they moniter what’s going on & try to nip in the bud before kids are really hurt. They have ZERO tolerance concerning bullying! Of course it’s not perfect, but they are making a huge effort to stop these actions. I can only pray that Ashley is safe & has not harmed herself due to these issues. All my thoughts & prayers go out to her family & friends, god bless!!”
For a teen to be missing for a week on the North Fork who has a family, friends and a school system that knows who she is, that is pretty terrifying.

If you have any information please call 631-765-2600

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