Counting Down the Days Until…

I’m always counting down the days until Opening Day.

Now that March is here, it’s appropriate to officially begin anticipating the start of baseball season. So I began the week with a quick Google search to determine when and where that glorious game would be played.

But if you GoogleOpening Day,” the first “news” item that comes up is from The Lebanon Daily Record. They’ve posted a poll—“Which is the real ‘Opening Day,’ the first day of baseball season or the first day of trout season?”

Apparently, trout wins, 41.9% of the vote to 38.7%. (The rest of the Missouri readership abstained from siding either way.)


Is it too much of a stretch to assume that a large majority of the country anticipates baseball Opening Day as much as I do? This should especially be true on Long Island. The New York Mets have the best Opening Day record in the majors. (And that’s pretty much their only claim to fame this year.)

With spring so close, I’ve stopped trying to be optimistic about winter and have instead decided to focus my energies on all of the fun, warm-weather activities that are coming. As The Lebanon Daily Record so nicely pointed out, there are a ton of Opening Days to look forward to. Although trout doesn’t take precedence out here.

Allow me to count down:

Daylight Savings, a.k.a. the day I can go for a run after work and not have it be dark outside: March 10

Montauk Opening Day: March 17, the date of the always-memorable St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Spring Begins: March 20

Wearing Shorts Instead Of Pants While Going For A Run Day: Also March 20

Baseball Opening Day: March 31, when the Houston Astros play the Texas Rangers. The rest of MLB starts on either April 1 (for the Mets and Yankees) or April 2.

East Hampton Airport Tower Opening Day: May 1 (I included this more as a point of general information. Not sure how many people are looking forward to this one.)

Sag Harbor Farmers Market Opening Day: May 19

Hamptons Opening Day, a.k.a Memorial Day Weekend Friday: May 24

Restaurant Opening Days: The newly designed Nick & Toni’s, mid-April; Lobster Roll (LUNCH), May 3; Claudio’s Restaurant, March 22; Banzai Burger, Memorial Day

No-Shoes Season: May 31

“No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem” Season: 5 p.m., June 1. Or whenever locals can get off work and head to the beach.

Peconic Water Jitney Opening Day: No return date set, but we hope it comes back this year!

Outdoor Concert Season: I want to say May. But I went to my first concert at Jones Beach last year on June 2, and it poured rain the entire time. I’m going to push it back and say June 8.

Cut People Off While Driving Season: Again, I’m confused about the start date. I wanted to go with Memorial Day Friday for this one. But someone tried to cut me off and instead t-boned my car by 7-Eleven last week. So I guess it’s (unfortunately) already started.

Sweet Corn/Tomato Season: July

And, other key things that signal the return of warmer weather: The openings of St. Andrews Dune Church, Wölffer Wine Stand, Concerts in the Park, outdoor movies at Marders

Though I’ve been enjoying the quiet of winter, I’m done. At what date is it officially acceptable to say “Bring on summer?”

How about now.

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