If You’re a Boater, You Have to Get Your License This Year

If you follow this column regularly, you know my opinion on the new regulation requiring people to get a boating license in order to take a boat out on the open water.

I’m angry, I do not like it and I can’t believe they are making people that live on the East End of Long Island do this for any sized boat, including a freaking Boston Whaler (which by the way, even this clumsy writer was able to operate by himself as early as 13 years old). I swear to God that one of these days we are going to have to get licenses in order to go to the gym because some idiot kills himself on the treadmill.

Anyway, if you sail or motor, spring is coming and the last thing you needs is a boat constable boarding you in the middle of the bay, writing you a ticket and telling you that you aren’t qualified to take your son out fishing for the day on a boat you’ve paid for unless you take a written test.

So FYI, there is a good guy named Phil that will give you a private class that is now required, and if you need to give a call, here is his number: 516-909-0784.

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