Tara Tyson Kulukundis Refuses to Leave Southampton Mansion

Kulukundis House Keep Out

Tara Tyson Kulukundis, 1970s TV actress and widow of Greek shipping magnate Manuel Michael Kulukundis, is allegedly refusing to leave her late husband’s $25 million Southampton mansion, NY Daily News reports.

The Daily News alleges that 68-year-old former star of off-Broadway productions Porno Stars at Home and Foreplay, and bit player in classic ’70s shows like Charlie’s Angels and Starsky and Hutch, has “locked herself” in her 320 Murray Place home, despite the fact that it is in contract and the sale closes tomorrow.

The buyer filed a complaint in Manhattan Surrogate’s Court, which reportedly states that the late Mr. Kulukundis did not leave the mansion to his wife and he took out a $10 million mortgage on the beachfront property some time before he died three years ago. The Daily News reports that her son Eric has tried to get her to vacate the 4-bedroom, 5-bath house, but she has not complied and he is not doing anything to upset her.

Mr. Kulukundis also took out $20.5 million in mortgages on his other properties, which were not left to his widow, according to the Daily News report, including a second home in Southampton, a five-story Manhattan townhouse on East 67th Street, and an apartment at the Pierre Hotel on Fifth Ave.

The magnate’s executors are allegedly selling his properties to pay off the debt “and to support Kulukundis‘ ‘extravagant lifestyle,'” according to the Daily News.

Ms. Kulukundis has allegedly stopped movers from entering the premises and, in 2011, would not allow Sotheby’s appraisers to enter and assess the various treasures inside, according to the Daily News.

On Monday, the Daily News reported that Mr. Kulikundis‘ executors requested that the court legally extract the stubborn widow, but no ruling has been made. They did get a court order in October to sell off the art and antiques, but Ms. Kulukundis allegedly changed the locks.

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Kulukundis Mansion
The Kulukundis mansion from above

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