Mickey Paraskevas Releases New Children’s Book

Artist and writer Mickey Paraskevas, whose talents have been found published in Dan’s Papers for decades, has come out with a delightful new children’s book titled Taffy Saltwater’s Yummy Summer Day.

The book is about a little girl who is on a quest to build the biggest sandcastle in the world, but during the process she loses her beach ball and goes off looking for it. During her search for the beach ball, she embarks on an adventure that will absolutely delight kids at story time.

The book is out in bookstores and is published by Random House. It is also available on the Kindle through Amazon.com

Mr. Paraskevas explained in an interview that, “It took me two years to finish this book and it took me a year to write it believe it or not. It’s amazing how long it takes something like this to do, and then it’s out and it’s like ,wow. I am working on an animated series for the character as well with the Canadian Broadcasting Company, so it’s very exciting. The book is a lot of fun and there are some great characters. One that I love is a rabbit named Rigby. When I was a kid I carried a toy rabbit around which inspired the Rigby in the book, so of course that’s my favorite character.”

No book signings have been scheduled yet, however Mr. Paraskevas assures us that they will be announced soon and he will be doing signings in the Hamptons beginning around June. You can keep track of those dates when they are announced on the author’s website michaelparaskevas.com.


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