Bravo’s New Show, “The Princesses of Long Island” Gives Me a Headache. And I’ve Only Seen One Clip.

"Princesses Long Island"
"Princesses Long Island"

I already have a headache after watching just one clip from Bravo‘s new show, The Princesses of Long Island, but I have a feeling that this is the entire point of these shows, and I have a feeling that this show is going to be a big hit.

Are there any other Long Islanders out there that can’t figure out why America has such a fascination with spoiled brats? The show is about spoiled girls from Great NeckLong Island who take trips out to the Hamptons, live off their parents, search for guys to get married to and of course, “go out”. Here is the synopsis from Bravo‘s website.

Princesses: Long Island documents the lives of six college-educated young women from affluent areas of “Longuyland” who live pampered lifestyles in the comfort of their parents’ homes and at the expense of their bank accounts. The series offers a window into their family dynamics and personal lives filled with labels, luxury, and love trials. The young women face pressure from their families and friends to find husbands and to settle down. Will these members of the boomerang generation find their Prince Charming, or are they forever content with their co-dependent relationships with their parents?

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