From Scotland with Love Celebrity Fashion Show in NYC

Liana, Irene, and David
Jones Apparel Group's Liana Laura and Irene Koumendouros, and David Campana of Prince of Scots. Photo: Tim Danser

Scarcely anyone was wearing pants at  the “From Scotland with Love: The Scottish Lion Meets the Asian Dragon” celebrity charity fashion show in New York last week. That included men who wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress, but who seemed to love strutting their stuff in kilts across the catwalk—and some men who love fashion enough to wear just about anything as long as it’s gorgeous.

Good Morning America co-host Josh Elliott was among the models, as were activist Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma GandiKelly Choi, and two-time Olympic Medalist Michelle Kwan. Attending from Water Mill’s luxury store Prince of Scots were David Campana and Tim Danser.

Also enjoying the fashion show which brought the two distinctly different cultures together were Jones Apparel Group president Irene Koumendouros and director Liana Laura, as well as fashion designer Iona Crawford, who visits the Hamptons often, since Prince of Scots is her US Showroom.

Josh Elliott at From Scotland with Love
Josh Elliott at From Scotland with Love
David Campana and Iona Crawford
David Campana and Iona Crawford. Photo: Tim Danser

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