GOD BLESS AMERICA! NY State Reverses Saltwater Fishing License Fee

Goodbye, Mr. Fishing License, and DON’T COME BACK! The absolutely absurd requirement to have private citizens be required to purchase New York State saltwater fishing licenses is no longer. It’s gone.

I HATED this license.

Since 2009, it has been inactive but sitting in moratorium. Now the most senseless license ever to hit New York State (until some brilliant politicians decide to require us to get a license to walk down the street) has been abolished. It is completely off the table officially.

I’m a happy guy to hear this news. I have had enough of all the ridiculousness I have to go through just to be out on the water every year. It’s just one thing after another. Beach permit, fishing license, boating license, mooring license, boat registration. It never ends. And for what? To go fishing? To take out my sailboat? Thank God somebody got to their senses.

Now if they will just get rid of this license requirement to drive a recreational boat, I’ll be even happier. Does anybody honestly think a written test is going to save anybody from a moron driving a boat? I can’t even process this logic.

ButI’m not going to focus on the negative. It’s time to be happy.

This video deserves to be listened to right now.

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