John Lynch, an American Hero, Retires From the War Veterans Program He Created

John Lynch and Tim Bishop at his retirement party
John Lynch and Tim Bishop at his retirement party

John Lynch is a Vietnam Veteran who was assigned to the 101st Airborne Tiger Company in 1966. He owned an equipment business on Long Island, met a former Vietnam Veteran who was living on the street after the war in the late eighties, and instead of passing by the man and writing him off, he decided to do something about it.

John founded the Suffolk County United Veterans in 1989 with four homeless veterans in a two-bedroom apartment he rented. Today, the programs provides homes for 64 war veterans going through hard times in Suffolk County.

John is a respected advisor to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans and was given the Humanitarian Award in 1999, the Four Chaplains Award in 2006 and the Amvets Silver Helmet Award in 2008.

On Saturday in East Islip, Mr. Lynch was honored at a dinner at Amvets Hall, where he announced his retirement.

The Suffolk County United Veterans Project assists homeless veterans regain their dignity and independence. It’s a good thing. Residents are former members of the military who struggle with the problems of substance abuse and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and who have not been able to succeed in any alternate form of treatment, find a home, help and brotherhood here.

Their main office is in Riverhead and they are good people.

Congrats to John. Suffolk County is what it is because of guys like you.

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