Let Real Estate Expert Andrew Lieb Guide You

Andrew Lieb, courtesy of Andrew Lieb
Andrew Lieb, courtesy of Andrew Lieb

There are many factors to consider when renting or purchasing a home or commercial property—legal regulations, financial terms and the overall investment.

Attorney Andrew Lieb and his team at the Lieb at Law P.C. firm, help to guide their real estate clients toward making the right choices for their long- or short-term property investments. Whether you’re looking to purchase a home for the first time, invest in a vacation property or start a new business, they offer a plethora of details to review before making that final decision. The more you know, the more profitable the outcome.

In addition, Lieb’s sister organization, The Lieb School, offers accredited continuing education courses to licensed New York real estate agents, brokers and attorneys. With his years of experience and expertise, Lieb leads the way in an enormous industry by optimizing all available platforms. From writing compelling and informative articles in The New York Real Estate Journal, Suffolk Lawyer and Homes of the Hamptons to his weekly blog, Lieb teaches both aspiring and seasoned professionals the importance of knowing the legal guidelines of real estate on local and state levels.

Since the devastation of Superstorm Sandy and its impact on many summer vacation areas, the Hamptons is ready for what may be a record-breaking season ahead. Rentals are up, hotels are quickly being booked and the East End is already buzzing with excitement.

Whether you’re renting, returning to your summer getaway or visiting for a week, the Hamptons provides the perfect playground for rest and relaxation. And, if you’re one of the savvy investors who had the insight to purchase a home to rent out each year during the high season, I don’t think you’ll have much trouble this summer.

Lieb informed me that there are a range of different rules and regulations specifically pertaining to rental properties and it’s important for landlords to abide by these laws. In essence, each town or village sets certain standards that they wish to maintain to protect both homeowner/landlord and tenant, as well as the neighborhood.

“I’ve had many calls over the years regarding problems with tenants and landlords and if the homeowner does not have the proper permits in place, it makes it very difficult to move forward from a legal standpoint,” Lieb said. Inquiring at your village or town hall is the best way to make certain you’re following local laws. It’s always better to be safe than sorry—protect your property. Don’t forget about purchasing the proper homeowners/renters insurance.

When it comes to purchasing a home or commercial property, it’s key to know all the details for zoning in your area. If you’re interested in waterfront property, these areas follow separate zoning laws. This is where a well-educated and experienced agent and lawyer will provide you with all the answers—Can I build a pool? A tennis court? What kind of homeowners insurance should I have? Flood insurance? Without full disclosure and the proper permits, that dream home with breathtaking waterfront views may not be your dream home after all.

Lieb’s firm and sister school offer insight, tips and valuable knowledge. Lieb at Law’s mission is to serve as an indispensable advisor to their clients by helping to minimize risk, maximize profitability and aggressively litigate with leading solutions.

Lieb School—bridging the gap between the people and businesses that develop our communities. LIEB ensures license law compliance at its sister organization, Lieb School. For more information on the Lieb School or to contact Andrew Lieb, please visit liebatlaw.com or call 631-878-4455 (with offices in Center Moriches and Manhasset).

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