Dynamite Found in Sag Harbor, Police Detonate it at Haven’s Beach

Last night in Sag Harbor a man with a stick of dynamite in the back of his pickup truck, drove to Long Wharf in Sag Harbor to tell police that he found the dynamite at Long Beach in Noyac.

Police blocked off the area at Long Wharf and called the Suffolk County Bomb Squad, which placed the dynamite in a bomb-proof container, then drove to Havens Beach in Sag Harbor and detonated it.

So that explosion you heard in Sag Harbor last night at Haven Beach was, in fact, dynamite. Quite the exciting evening in the Hamptons.

So who the hell is walking around with dynamite at the beach? Police do not believe that foul play was at hand, but suspect the dynamite came from a recent rock revetment in Sag Harbor that was built by the Suffolk County Department of Public Works after Superstorm Sandy. Police are speculating that the dynamite, which is used to break large boulders for transport, was part of a controlled explosion but did not detonate and went unnoticed with the rocks that were delivered to build the revetment.

Whoa! Close one!

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