Martha Stewart Chooses Children Over Roses

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart. Credit: David Shankbone

On Friday, April 19, Hamptons media queen Martha Stewart blogged that she dug up all the prize rosebushes at her East Hampton home and replanted them at her farm in Bedford, Connecticut.

Stewart planted the heirloom roses all around her home when she bought it more than 20 years ago. “I chose many different types of heirloom old garden roses that were grown in the gardens of Europe and Asia for many hundreds of years,” she explained, noting that the flowers are highly prized for their dense petal formations and fabulous fragrances.

Stewart envisioned the rosebushes eventually climbing up the outside of her house. Unfortunately, she now has grandchildren running around, so the flowers had to go. “…Alexis and I feel that having a yard full of thorny roses isn’t very child friendly…,” Stewart wrote.

She will now give the East Hampton gardens a major redesign which, “of course,” Stewart will share on her blog.

To follow Stewart‘s rose saga, and a string of dismayed commenters, read her blog at

heirloom rose bush
fuzzyjay, Flickr Commons

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