Southampton Village Planning Board Tells Citarella, “You’re Approved”

Citarella has official approval to open a new location on 22 Hampton Road in Southampton. The news is welcome for some and terrifies others who think they will lose business to the fine grocer.

The location has limited parking, which was pointed out as a problem since Citarella can draw a lot of traffic, but the solution to the parking issue will be in the hands of the Village Board of Trustees.

The new location did not require any variance for approval, just approval for interior changes to make the market single use.

You want to know what I think? I think that Citarella just really loves Dan’s Papers. The grocer was literally a go-to place for the staff here on a daily basis when our headquarters was located in Bridgehampton. Today, almost none of us go to lunch at Citarella because Dan’s Papers is based in Southampton, but I’m sure that will change when they are just down the street.

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