100 songs of Summer #84 “Live It Up” By Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez in her "Live It Up" video
Jennifer Lopez in her "Live It Up" video

The Dan’s 100 Songs of Summer Countdown keeps it local, sort of, with this new Water Mill homeowner.

Hamptons 100 songs of Summer #84

“Live It Up” by Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull

Hamptons celebrity Jennifer Lopez never ceases to amaze with her fantastic voice, music videos and natural yet sophisticated performances. Released on her 10th studio album and recently performed on American Idol, JLo teams up with rapper, Pitbull to entertain with this vibrant, motivating up-tempo tune.

As both visitors and residents of the East End know all too well, the words “live it up could be a mantra for the sunny days of summer, and this anthem to the good life will keep everyone dancing and smiling while we do just that.

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