100 Songs of Summer #92 “Dirty Black Summer”

winterofdiscontent, Flickr Commons

Today’s pick adds a bit of malevolence to our Top 100 Songs of Summer countdown. Sit back and give in to your darker impulses.

Hamptons Song of Summer #92

“Dirty Black Summer” by Danzig

No list of summer songs is complete without some of the classics—”Summer Nights,” “School’s Out (for Summer),” “Summertime,” et al—but these usually rank much higher up on the list. That said, Danzig‘s heavy metal contribution to the “summer” lexicon, from Danzig III: How the Gods Kill (1992), fits perfectly at #92.

Set to Glen Danzig‘s sultry, evil-Elvis-like vocals, this tune is pure, hip thrusting rock n’ roll and a tribute to our darker, more primal instincts. Every summer song can’t be about surfing safaris, beach blanket bingo and California dreams. Sometimes the nightmares keep things in perspective.

No summer in the winter time 
Will keep you warm like a funeral pyre 
And nothing like an august night 
in your loving

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