100 Songs of Summer: #95 “My Love” by Paul McCartney

As we welcome June to the Hamptons with open arms and, given the weather, open bottles of sunscreen, we flash back four decades for the next defining song of the season on our Top 100 Songs of Summer countdown.

Hamptons Song of Summer #95

“My Love” by Paul McCartney and Wings

Come on, admit it—you’re already starting to hum along, maybe even sing a few lines from the 1973 smash by Hamptons resident Paul McCartney and his band Wings. And who could blame you? Off the album Red Rose Speedway, the song was written as a heartfelt ode to his wife Linda, and 40 years later remains a perfect tune to have in the background as you sit back and watch the sun go down with the one you love.

My Love” was atop the Billboard Hot 100 rankings that came out at the start of June exactly 40 years ago, and it remained in that lofty position pretty much the rest of the month. The only song of that entire summer to hold the top slot for more than two weeks, it was finally bumped off four weeks later by none other than former Beatles mate George Harrison “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)”

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