Alsace In Search of Ultimate Pairing for Dry Reisling

red and white wine glasses
Philippe Put

Oenophiles prepare! Wines of Alsace has launched a new contest to find the ultimate food pairing for their dry Reislings, which the winemaker is pushing as the perfect summer sipper. As they say, “it’s food-friendly, floral, refreshing, racy and most of all, dry!”

Riesling is still perceived as sweet by many wine drinkers, but that’s not always the case. While it’s true the versatile grape can produce off-dry versions, its innate acidity paired with certain regions often yields a dry, mineral-driven Riesling. For example, the top four Alsace Rieslings in the U.S. only contain an average of 3.1 grams of residual sugar per bottle. The EU regulation constituting dryness allows for up to 6.75 grams of residual sugar per bottle of wine with balanced acidity.

Still, perception matters. This is why Alsace has created a pretty cool and helpful infographic to inform consumers that their Rieslings are in fact, dry. The infographic compares the top four Alsace Rieslings with everyday beverages such as soda and skim milk to see how the sugar content really stacks up. The results are surprising.

Beginning in July, fans can submit their favorite dry Alsace Riesling and food pairings to @drinkAlsace using the hashtag #TryDryAlsace on Twitter for the chance to win two Riedel Grand Cru Riesling glasses. The contest will conclude July 31st with the announcement of a winner.

Alsace Infographic for Reisling


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