Derwood Hodgegrass Fights for Giant Pool in Hamptons

Artist rendering of "Sea-lysium" by Jacque di Broviante
Artist rendering of “Sea-lysium” by Jacque di Broviante

Southampton billionaire Derwood Hodgegrass is embroiled in a bitter battle with the Town Board over his plans to install “the biggest pool America has ever seen.”

The eccentric homeowner has applied for a variance to convert three acres of farmland adjacent to his property into a massive, 150-yard saltwater pool, but so far Town officials won’t budge. “It’s outrageous,” an attorney for the Town said on Monday. “We preserve farmland for mansion owners to have nice views, not to build pools!” he added. “Besides, Hodgegrass Mansion is about 10 yards from the beach.”

Hodgegrass told South O’ that he envisions the proposed pool as a “watery paradise” where he and his many guests can float on rafts, kayaks and perhaps even sail small boats. “I’m calling it Sea-lysium,” the billionaire explained. “I plan to include little islands throughout its expanse. One will be a bar, another a tanning deck and a third will be a tented place for lovemaking,” Hodgegrass said. “Sea-lysium will be like nothing else in the Hamptons.”

Despite his grandiose plans, it appears Hodgegrass has little chance of receiving the approvals needed for the Sea-lysium project. For now, the gigantic, water wonderland will likely remain a sketch in the notebook of its designer Jacque di Broviante (responsible for initial artist’s rendering above).


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