It’s Pretty Crazy That The U.S. Women’s Open is Taking Place Right Here In The Hamptons

It still continues to amaze me how important the Hamptons has become to the world. When I was growing up out here, the idea of television shows about the Hamptons or international events taking place here was just a dream. People would casually say in conversation, “You know a TV show about the Hamptons would be really cool,” and then they’d go about their business.

But today, the Hamptons is on the international map thanks to popl culture. Everybody in the world knows what the Hamptons is. It wasn’t like this always, even as recently as fifteen years ago, a lot of people would know about the Hamptons in the same way they know about Scarsdale. If you were from Texas, you didn’t know what it was until somebody told you.

Today, it’s just so much different. Everybody knows what the Hamptons is. So it shouldn’t surprise me that golf’s most important female tournament on the face of the earth is taking place in Southampton beginning today. But for some reason it still does.

If you want to wave at the camera on television while you tell your friend on your cell phone that you are at the U.S. Women’s Open, I highly recommend that you get down there this week and buy some tickets to it. It’s pretty freaking cool.

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