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The Artist’s Against Abuse Gala Went Full Hippie Yesterday

It was peace, love and fundraising yesterday at the Ross School’s Lower Campus in Bridgehampton for a packed dinner at the Retreat’s annual Artist’s Against Abuse fundraiser.

The 60s themed party brought out guests dressed up in full hippie gear, including one guy donning roller skates, Beatles sunglasses and a tie dyed t-shirt. I bumped into Jeanine Edington and Richard Extract as well as Jay Schneiderman and Julie Stone.

Julie Stone, Jay Schneiderman
Julie Stone, Jay Schneiderman

The band playing was sensational and the food was absolutely incredible. Jeff told me that he was very happy with the event. Over in the corner of the room I said hello to my Dad and Bob Edelman who were with their wives and enjoying the fun. The event enjoyed full support from the community, with nearly the entire Hamptons descending to the party in order to help raise money and make sure that the Retreat can continue the good work that they do.



David Rattiner, Jeff Friedman
David Rattiner, Jeff Friedman
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