Traffic In The Hamptons, What’s The Deal With Two Lanes In, One Lane Out?

Hamptons Traffic
Hamptons Traffic. Photo: David Rattiner

The additional widening of County Road 39 in Southampton has just been completed, and a wonderous thing it is, too. There’s two lanes eastbound and one lane westbound, with a left turn lane for both directions separating them. And there’s a certain logic about it.  For this entire final stretch there are a great many car dealerships lining the roadside. BMW, Audi, Chevrolet, Jeep, Mini, Chrysler, etc.  Buy your car, there you are.  But what’s this about two lanes into the Hamptons, one lane out? Surely, the Hamptons soon will be overwhelmed with crowds of cars and drivers. Eventually, so many people will be jammed into the Hamptons that nobody will want to come here anymore.  Didn’t anyone think of this?

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