Two Events I’ll Be Checking Out Tonight In The Hamptons

Every single weekend, a dozen or so people ask me what I’m doing in the Hamptons, so here are the two events that I will be sure to check out tonight.

1. Jurek Kubina’s Opening Reception tonight at the Monika Olko Art Gallery from 5 to 8 p.m.

I met Jurek last year with my fiance Monika as we drove in a rented U-Haul nearly 7-hours through New York in order to pick up his massive, beautiful paintings. Jurek has that charming European artist attitude that I absolutely love. We spent nearly the entire evening with him, talked about his paintings over wine, talked about life, and then Monika simply demanded from him that he show in her gallery on Main Street in Sag Harbor. He will be there tonight if you’d like to meet him. He looks sort of like Albert Einstein if he decided to be an artist instead of a scientist, and his art is simply STUNNING.

2. The Artist’s Against Abuse Gala for the Retreat at the Ross School’s Lower Campus.

I have a soft spot for the Retreat. I’ve said that a million times. They do good work, they literally rescue mothers from abusive relationships, and they do it for women from all over the island and New York. They need continuous support like every other local charity that doesn’t have the big marketing budget that the big ones out there do. After the opening, I’ll be sure to head to the Ross School’s lower campus to show my support. Hope to see you there too.

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