ARF Announces Puppy Mill Rescue

ARF Staff and Volunteers with the Puppy Mill Rescue Dogs
ARF Staff and Volunteers with the Puppy Mill Rescue Dogs

The Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, Inc. (ARF) held a press conference on Friday, July 19 at its Adoption Center in Wainscott to announce “Sadie’s Freedom Trail,” a puppy mill rescue being carried out in honor of Sadie, a small, rescued Shih Tzu who was born in a puppy mill.

Volunteers, known as the Rescue Road Warriors, have transported 67 rescued breeder dogs in several stages from Missouri puppy mills, and 15 of the dogs arrived at ARF where they have been given new lives and freedom from the mills. All 15 dogs were present at the press conference.

Breeder dogs can spend their entire lives in wire cages. They are forced to reproduce, have limited human contact and poor or no veterinary care. After a life filled with suffering and neglect, unwanted puppy mill dogs that no longer turn a profit are usually killed. The new ARF arrivals are being checked by ARF’s veterinarian. Once they are rehabilitated they will be put up for adoption. Poor nutrition, overgrown nails, damaged feet (from living on wire cage floors) and severe matting are among some of the most common ailments from which puppy mill breeder dogs suffer. The dogs in Sadie’s Freedom Trail have been diagnosed with a number of medical conditions, including very rotten teeth, and some of are also very shy from lack of human contact.

Spencer, 7 year old toy poodle ARF
Spencer, 7 year old toy poodle (has no teeth, so his tongue hangs out).

The dogs rescued in Sadie’s Freedom Trail  include three Boston Terriers, three Yorkshire Terriers, two English Bulldogs,  one Pomeranian, three Toy Poodles, one Coton de Tulear, one Australian Terrier and one Ori Pei (a cross between a Pug and a Shar Pei).

ARF thanked the heroic people working in Missouri who rescued the dogs and the volunteers who transported them.

This rescue is being funded in part by Sadie’s owners, Dr. Tara Allmen and her family. After discovering that her beautiful puppy had originated in a puppy mill, Allmen educated herself about the cruel industry. Sadie brought the Allmen family an awareness and passion to fight against puppy mills.

The mission of the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons is to actively rescue cats and dogs, provide quality care and offer sanctuary until loving homes can be found.

ARF is located at 90 Daniels Hole Road in East Hampton. Call 631-537-0400 or visit

ARF staff Allmen and Sadie
ARF Board President Lisa McCarthy, Dr. Tara Allmen with Sadie, and ARF Executive Director Sara Davison
Doe, ARF Boston Terrier
Doe, 5 year old Boston Terrier, with large nipples from constant breeding and nursing


No Puppy Mills Cross Out
Graphic: Oliver Peterson

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