Cheesecake Is the New Cavier: Crumb Delites Hosts North Fork Tasting

Wine and Cheesecake
kino-glaz, Flickr Commons

What better way to spend an afternoon than sipping on a nice selection of wines while sampling an assortment of cheesecakes and brownies? North Fork bakery Crumb Delites is hosting a cheesecake and brownie sampling at Pugliese Vineyards on Saturday, July 27 from noon to 4:30 p.m.

Founded by Keith Orenstein, Crumb Delites makes an effort to produce their sweets with less fat and cholesterol, while maintaining a rich taste. And Orenstein is no stranger to wine. His North Fork bakeshop is located at the entrance to Raphael Vineyard (39390 Route 25) in Peconic and it’s not uncommon for visitors to enjoy his wares with their favorite vintage.

At the tasting there will even be a new selection of vegan brownies offered. The idea behind Crumb Delites is to ease the guilt of indulging by having dessert that tastes great without being detrimental to your heart and waistline. Talk about being at the right place at the right time—with the calories saved there’s no need to feel bad about sipping one more cool glass of champagne.

If you miss the tasting this Saturday, or are feeling extra decadent this summer, catch the next Crumb Delites tasting at Laurel Lake Vineyards on August 3.

Pugliese Vineyards is located at 34515 Main Road in Cutchogue, 631-734-4057.

Laurel Lake Vineyards is located at 3165 Main Road in Laurel, 631-298-1420.

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