I Saw The TWA Flight 800 Documentary And It Freaked Me Out

TWA Flight 800 Film
TWA Flight 800 Film. Courtesy EPIX

I was fortunate enough to watch the Epix documentary on TWA Flight 800 recently, and I have to say, I cannot un-see this movie.

I remember the TWA crash like it was yesterday. I got to work as a beach attendant at Main Beach in East Hampton, we had a morning meeting and their was a discussion with the beach manager that we would be responsible for alerting the police if we found any wreckage on the beach. We did, in fact, retrieve off of the beach a seat from the crash. During that day and the rest of the week and for months to come, their was one opinion after another being thrown around about how the plane went down. I remember speaking to more than one person who said they saw it go down, and really believed that they saw a rocket zoom into the air and blow it up. I also remember at the time thinking that they were lying about it.

But after seeing this documentary (and I have to hand it to Epix for having the stones to put this movie out there) I have to at the very least be doubtful that the plane malfunctioned and randomly blew up in the sky from a fuel tank. First off, think about it for a second, Flight 800 was a Boeing 747-100. This is a plane that not only was never grounded for having any such issue, but just in general, common sense tells you that fuel tanks in modern machines of any kind don’t just accidentally blow up. Second of all, I CANNOT BELIEVE how many serious people with serious credentials who were DIRECTLY involved with this investigation, say what they say in this movie. They flat out say that key evidence was covered up that proved an outside explosion and even witnesses (who have absolutely no incentive but to tell the truth) were intimidated to say they did not see a rocket fly up into the sky. Whistleblowers in “TWA Flight 800” did not go public until now, after they retired, to avoid retaliation, but when you see what they say, you can’t not, at the very least, be a little startled.

The witnesses who come out in this movie to tell the story recount what they saw almost exactly the same way, one after another. There were hundreds of people who say they saw something fly up from the ground, into the sky and hit the plane. All of them are candid about it, one guy who gave an interview and is a multi-millionaire, said that he saw a something fly up and hit the plane. Why would he say that if he didn’t see it? For the attention?

When this event happened, I remember being a kid and almost never hearing reports on the news that a rocket flew into the sky. That was always something I heard just in conversation with somebody who knew somebody who swears they saw something fly up in the sky.

Trailer below.

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