In Case You’ve Ever Doubted The Dangers Of Commercial Fishing: A Lobster Fisherman From Montauk Went Missing This Morning

This morning the U.S. Coast Guard got a call that is every fishing family in Montauk’s biggest fear. A man has gone missing at sea. He was last seen on the Anna Mary lobster boat around 9 p.m. yesterday while fishing five miles off of Montauk Point. While out at sea overnight, he took watch and then was reported missing by another crew member at 6:30 a.m.

A press release from the Coast Guard says that there are two helicopters searching the water for the man, and that there are two Coast Guard boats deployed in the area searching for him as well.

Whenever I think to myself that being a commercial fisherman is a romantic job living out on the high seas and making good money, I’m always reminded of just how dangerous of a job it is. These guys risk their lives to put fish and lobster on your table, and the pay margins that they make in order to live just keep getting smaller and smaller.

Let’s all say a prayer today that they find this guy alive, and find him soon.

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