Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: The Magic of Trees

Monte Farber Trees
Photo: Monte Farber

Trees are complex, sensitive and highly spiritual living beings. Perhaps nothing else is as representative of the living energy of nature and Mother Earth as a tree.

The folklore attributed to a particular tree reflects the symbolism ascribed to it by our ancestors, who worshiped trees as living totems of life’s mysterious cycles and seasons. Not only did trees represent spirituality to them, but they provided a vast resource for ancient peoples—food, shade and medicine, as well as wood for eating utensils, weapons, homes, warmth, cooking, even art.

Cedar (Confidence)

The cedar is a symbol of optimism and adaptability, also representing a protection from harm and evil forces. The tree represents a love of beauty and luxury, and cedar energy promotes an understanding that beauty and truth are one, and that true love is worth waiting for. The ancient Celts revered this tree and used oil of cedar to preserve the heads of enemies that were taken in battle.

An enchanted spell for cedar: To draw earth energy and ground yourself with confidence, place the palms of your hands together as you see the cedar in your mind’s eye. Hold them in this position for at least one minute as you breathe and exhale, slowly and deliberately. Feel yourself breathing out the stale energy of fear and defeat. Be aware of breathing in the intoxicating air of assurance and self-belief.

Repeat this ritual whenever your self-esteem is low.

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