Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Water Is Vital

Swan in the water - marina
Photo: © Monte Farber

Water is beyond miraculous, it is the thing that makes miracles possible, and without it we die—and die dirty.

This fact was hammered home to me when the pump motor that lives at the bottom of our water well shaft gave up the ghost after at least a couple dozen years of faithful service. And so we were without water.

I am not scared of many things, but I found myself quite disturbed at the reality of living without water available, even though we had 11 gallons of the stuff in our distiller and about 20 gallons in the pipes of our house. We were lucky and the men from Casola Well Drillers came and replaced it immediately.

I mention this because there are many places on Earth where clean water is a rare luxury, where water has to be hauled for great distances, and let me tell you from the recent experience that a five-gallon bucket of water is very heavy. It’s said that many of the wars being fought now, and especially to be fought in the future, will be over rights to water. After my recent water-less day, I can believe it.

So please do all you can to make sure that you have access to fresh water, drink a lot of it, and use a part of your life to make sure that others have access to fresh and clean water, too.

This planet Earth is actually covered in a lot more water than earth, so it could easily be called Water. Beings from another planet could call us People of Water instead of People of Earth—especially since we’re 98 percent water to begin with.

No wonder not having any made me nervous!

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