100 Songs of Summer #32 “Ooh La La Hamptons” By The Ooh La Las

Dan Rattiner Ooh La La Hamptons
Dan Rattiner

Today’s entry on Top 100 Songs of Summer Countdown is Hamptons through and through. The song and video by NYC pop group The Ooh La Las went viral in summer 2011 and it remains a goofy but fun celebration of our little enclave on the South Fork.

Hamptons 100 Songs of Summer #32

“Ooh La La Hamptons” By The Ooh La Las

This catchy dance single was produced by East Hampton lead singer Melissa Levis, though she first performed it with her band Melissa and the Moguls. She eventually made a video featuring Broadway producer Stewart F. Lane and our very own publishing magnate Dan Rattiner of Dan’s Papers. The band includes backup from notable Hamptonites and real life moguls, including investor Jonathan Farkas, banker Pat Malloy, metal maven Andy Sabin, T-shirt impresario Alan Frank and real estate tycoon Allan Rose, and guest stars on Levis’ Ooh La La Hamptons album include 80s rocker Billy Squier, Lifetime TV president Doug McCormick and comedian Robert Klein.

Levis describes the song as a “sassy celebration of the beaches, the beauties and the fabulousness of the Hamptons summer scene.” And she’s totally right. This song is a ton of fun, and our countdown wouldn’t be complete without it!

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