65th Annual Artists-Writers Game Party Sets Tone for First Pitch

The Artists and Writers Game preview party at LTV Studios in Wainscott kicked off what is sure to be a heated event on Saturday afternoon.

Did Mort Zuckerman indicate that the artists paint their own version of the game? And that it would be close for the first four innings, but then the writers would blow the artists out of the water?

Did Leif Hope agree that the writers are physically superior, but note that they’re intellectually inferior?

Was that a point that everyone weighed in on throughout the night?

Was the overwhelming consensus that the writers cheat?

Does artist Eric Ernst mark the passage of time with A&W games, instead of birthdays? On the game turning 65: “It represents the importance of Artists & Writers within the community at large and what we can offer, (especially with regards to) giving back to charities as well as the legacy of the artists (on the East End.)”

“It’s been a great game the past four or five years,” said Judge Richard Lowe, an ump. On how today’s game will go: “It’s usually a misplay…” that determines the winner.

The 65th Annual Artists & Writers Softball game is Saturday, August 17, at Herrick Park in East Hampton. Batting practice starts at noon, and game time is 2 p.m. Benefitting Charities include East End Hospice, The Phoenix House, East Hampton Day Care Learning Center and The Retreat.


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