Campo Brothers’ Unique Design Approach

Jamesport model. Courtesy Campos Brothers
Jamesport model. Courtesy Campos Brothers

Campo Brothers, a company that has built more than 2,000 luxury homes, prides itself on providing quality service and craftsmanship to turn any house into a home.

I chatted with Jack Campo, founder of the company, whose sons now run the business. Campo Brothers has been in existence for over 50 years, and Jack Campo shared his insights on East End dos and don’ts when it comes to home design.

On the East End, Campo Brothers is well known for their single-family custom homes, and they currently have houses going up in Jamesport, Baiting Hollow and Shelter Island. Most of their homes have been built on Long Island, but they have had a few projects in Florida as well.

Campo Brothers offers a variety of styles and trends. “We’re getting more into custom homes and upgrades,” Campo said. “We have a 7,000 square foot model we’re completing in Mount Sinai, and a lot of the materials that went into this home were taken from our former headquarters, a mansion we used to use as our offices near Port Jefferson. After all these years, we’ve brought in a lot of material from country clubs, buildings that were being demoed and we’re doing very innovative custom construction.”

This approach to home construction is truly unique. While many home builders use pre-fabricated pieces or have a blue print and direction of exactly what they want in a home, Campo Brothers’ use of material from other, existing projects is a brilliant example of utilizing old and new to create something all-original and fresh. “I think homes are trending more traditional these days, especially compared to where we used to be,” Campo said. “We’re getting away from modern, that’s the trend we’re seeing. People still want open spaces and high ceilings, but not nearly as much as they had been.”

“A lot of porches are back. People are really putting an emphasis on the East End on porches,” Campo said. “Porches are a traditional concept and for a while, they just didn’t exist on the East End. We’re doing screened-in porches, glassed-in rooms in the back, way more than we had been.”

In terms of products, I was curious to learn what was hot on the East End. “I think moulding is especially important in a home,” Campo said. “We put am emphasis on that and do an exceptional job with the moulding. That seems to be something our buyers are always impressed with, the way we finish the house, the moulding we do, all very upscale. Around a fireplace, we do especially attractive moulding.”

Campo Brothers the majority of Suffolk County, putting up incredibly beautiful homes that are a solid mix of modern and traditional. “We’ve been getting a lot of activity lately, it’s picked up tremendously,” said Campo, noting that people are breaking trends by remodeling later in the season.

“Traditionally, our pricing has been much less expensive than other Hamptons builders,” Campo said. “We’re not used to seeing the kinds of numbers a builder will charge out there in the Hamptons, we’re very competitive with our numbers and pricing. Our pricing is the main reason we’ve been so successful.”

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