Montauk Coast Guard Rescues Disabled Boat

The U.S. Coast Guard tows a pleasure boat that was adrift in the ocean.
The U.S. Coast Guard tows a pleasure boat that was adrift in the ocean. Photo credit: U.S. Coast Guard.

As weather and sea conditions deteriorated Saturday night on the Atlantic Ocean, U.S. Coast Guard personnel rescued a disabled boat that was adrift, according to a Coast Guard statement.

The Coast Guard said that just after 2 p.m. Sector Long Island Sound watchstanders received a distress call from a 31-foot pleasure boat, Triena. The passengers reported that the boat, from Shinnecock, “experienced an engine casualty,” the guard stated.

Coast Guard Cutter Ridley, from Montauk, set out to rescue Triena, and at dusk located the boat 43-miles southeast of the Shinnecock Inlet. Once the safety of the passengers was ensured, the 87-foot Ridley towed Triena to meet a 47-foot motor life boat from Coast Guard Station Montauk, which towed Triena the rest of the way.  Triena was moored at the Montauk Marine Basin shortly after 6 a.m., the guard said.

“I could not be more proud of the actions of my crew,” said Master Chief Petty Officer Andrea Martynowski, the officer in charge of Ridley. “It was a long night at sea, but this is what we do and why we are in the Coast Guard. I am glad to have been able to assist this disabled vessel and her crew before darkness set in and the sea conditions built overnight.”

Coast Guard Rescue
Photo credit: U.S. Coast Guard.

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