Mandala (A Musical Palindrome) by Daniel Starr-Tambor

This video featuring “Mandala,” a composition by Hamptons native Daniel Starr-Tambor, was a sensation with hardcore music theorists and fellow composers, as well as science geeks, around the world.

Starr-Tambor explains:

With more than 62 vigintillion individual notes, “Mandala” is the longest palindrome in existence. Composed using the first nine partials of the Natural Harmonic Series repeating at the accelerated tempos of our solar system, “Mandala” would continue without repetition for over 532.25 septendecillion years.

In homage to “Art of the Fugue” by J.S. Bach, “Mandala” has been crafted to include the “musical signature” of it’s author: The stereo imaging is arranged to reflect the exact position of the solar system at the moment of his birth, from the perspective of the sun as it faces the constellation Libra, so that each note chronicles his birthday on every planet.

Daniel Starr-Tambor is a contemporary American composer and songwriter. His work has been published and reviewed around the world, and commissioned by independent film studios, as well as Paramount Pictures. His blend of science and music is powerful and could make you feel a little stupid, but it’s totally worth spending some time to understand.

We’ll have more to come about Daniel Starr-Tambor and his music. For now, watch, listen and enjoy.

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