The Hamptons Subway Newsletter: August 31–September 5

Bloomberg Whip
Graphic Oliver Peterson, Source: World Bank Photo Collection, Flickr

The Hampton Classic and free Teddy Bears have made it an eventful week on the Subway.

Week of August 31–September 5

Riders this past week: 15,823

Rider miles this past week: 162,821


Michael Bloomberg and his daughter, in full riding gear, were seen together between Water Mill and Southampton. Mike was carrying some sort of little whip.


Hampton Subway continues to be bedeviled by occasional flooding at the sharp turn under Trout Pond between Noyac and Sag Harbor. The trains still get through, but they go slow and it is quite a sight to see waves and spray out the windows. Workmen are trying to figure out exactly where the water is coming from. They are considering drilling holes in the roof of the tunnels, but they fear hitting the pond above which might cause it to spring a leak. The thought is that perhaps a new bypass tunnel could be built under the hill to the north where there is no pond, but that could be expensive.


In order to prevent anyone on a platform from falling onto the tracks in front of a train, motormen have for years honked the horn as it approaches or leaves a station. Nobody has been hurt or killed yet on Hampton Subway, thanks to the horn honking and, we suppose, the survival instinct. On the other hand, we have had an official protest from the Southampton Anti-Noise Society, which said they understand the logic of the horn honking when arriving into the station, but not on departure since nobody gets run over at the back of a train. There’s something to this, and we are looking into it. Also, an official from the New York Subway System recently arrived to observe how we do this honking business. They are considering it for their system.


Some of our interns will be handing out free Teddy Bears from Steif to everyone who comes through the turnstiles at all the stations on Sunday after 3 p.m. Monday is bat day, courtesy of Louisville Slugger, beginning at 10 a.m. until they run out. All this is from Alice Bender, the woman heading up our new Goody Bag division.


Louise Hockmeyer, director of our whistleblower program, turns 54 next Thursday. Everyone is invited to the cafeteria at Hampton Subway headquarters on Ponquogue Avenue in Hampton Bays to help her blow out the candles. She doesn’t have many friends. The party starts at 1 p.m.


A new “pop up” subway stop is open at the Hampton Horse Show grounds in Bridgehampton. The hole was dug and the cement stairs installed in less than a week. After the horse show ends, the stop will be filled in and not used again until next year. Just remember to pull the cord requesting the stop after leaving either Water Mill or Bridgehampton station. We regret we were unable to put escalators at this “pop up.”


As you all know, Hampton Subway has been considering adding a “Cinnebun” food stand down on all our platforms to complement our longstanding Subway restaurant food stands. Have a foot-long, then a cinnebun for dessert, was the idea. We have, however, received a legal challenge from the Subway restaurants, claiming that they have an exclusive agreement with us, which they do, and that if we go ahead with this, they will file suit against us for using the word “Subway” in our name Hampton Subway. They claim to have copyright rights to that word. Then why haven’t they sued New York Subway?

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