Alec Baldwin Crashes Edward Norton’s ‘SNL’ Debut

Alec Baldwin and Edward Norton on "Saturday Night Live." Credit: NBC
Alec Baldwin and Edward Norton on "Saturday Night Live." Credit: NBC

Edward Norton hosted Saturday Night Live for the first-time this past Saturday, and Alec Baldwin and Myley Cyrus crashed the monologue to offer their advice.

In addition to giving Norton comedic acting tips, and coaching him with the “Alec Baldwin SNL Warm-up for Dramatic Actors,” Baldwin promotes his new MSNBC talk show Up Late with Alec Baldwin.

“I was worried the first time I hosted,” Baldwin said in a tongue-in-cheek moment. “It was 1991 and I was a huge movie star. Now, 15 times later, I have my own show on MSNBC.”


Baldwin also appeared in October 26’s SNL in a pre-recorded skit, a trailer for a fake Wes Anderson horror film, The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders. Baldwin serves as the narrator, just as he did in Anderson’s The Royal Tennanbaums. Norton, who plays Owen Wilson in the trailer, starred in Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom and will appear in his upcoming The Grand Budapest Hotel.

In other Baldwin news, a spokesman confirmed he will not make political donations as long as he has a show on MSNBC, adhering to the cable channel’s policy.

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