Author James Frey Celebrates 20 Years Clean and Sober

James Frey headshot
James Frey, Photo (c) Terry Richardson

Hamptons resident, writer and publisher James Frey celebrates 20 years sober today. The 44-year-old author of controversial bestseller A Million Little Pieces, My Friend Leonard, Bright Shiny Morning and, his latest, The Final Testament of the Holy Bible has been both lauded and vilified in the literary world, but he continues to attract a legion of enthusiastic readers and fans.

Frey addressed his friends and supporters on Facebook this morning about this milestone anniversary:

“20 years ago today I went to the Hazelden Foundation for treatment of alcoholism and cocaine addiction. Haven’t had a drink or used a drug since. Thank you to Hazelden, to my family and to my friends for all of the love and support. And to the many many readers and supporters I know on here or have never met, there have been dark times in these years, and you have helped more than you know, more than you know. I’m a lucky mother______. Thank you thank you thank you.”

The “dark times” Frey mentions references the 2006 scandal when it was revealed that parts of his debut memoir about his addiction A Million Little Pieces were exaggerated (though the mugshot below shows he was clearly messed up). Following that difficult period, Frey returned even stronger, founding Full Fathom Five, a “transmedia production company” responsible for the mega-hit Young Adult series “The Lorien Legacies,” (by Frey and Jobie Hughes as Pittacus Lore) including the first book I Am Number Four, which was adapted into a hit film of the same title by DreamWorks Studios.

Visit or to learn more about James Frey and his books.

James Frey Mugshot
James Frey during more difficult times
The Final Testament of the Holy Bible

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