Fall Fashion Trends 2013

Jack & Jones Aztec knit cardigan
Jack & Jones Aztec knit cardigan

Fall fashion always eases the pain of summer’s end, but it’s doubly exciting when the new season brings with it some very wearable trends. Laid-back sophistication seems to be the common thread this year and, luckily for East Enders, these styles not only work well with our ever-transitioning lives—i.e. beach to work, apple orchard to dinner out—but are easy to find in boutiques from Westhampton Beach to Montauk.

Let’s start with chunky sweaters. They’re in 50 shades of grey this year, from soft heather to charcoal, and they’re shorter in front, bellybutton-bearing, even, and a tad longer in the back. Some are oversize, some are as tiny as Liv Tyler’s in Empire Records, but they’ve all got a lot of style and couldn’t be cozier for the season.

Men’s sweaters are reminiscent of that Big Lebowski cardigan—you know the one, button-down, bulky, with Aztec-y prints. “Granddad” cardigans are cool, too.

Next we have black-and-white checkers and lots of houndstooth, a classic pattern that simultaneously evokes Scottish glens and ’60s Chanel. The nice thing about houndstooth is that, being black-and-white, it can be paired with nearly everything and yet having pattern it can also stand boldly on its own. Look around you—houndstooth is covering tweed jackets, clutches and even sunglasses.

Have you seen all the leather? From blazers to skirts, black leather is peeking its way through the seams, creating thin lines that go, in the case of pants, from hip to ankle, or very wide lines that take over the front or back of a skirt. The bottom line, however, is that black leather is being mixed with black wool and other non-leather textiles to create a rough-yet-ladylike look.

With all the black, white and grey out there, accessories are making a splash with bold colors and unusual shapes. Here’s where you can follow your heart and go with something that uniquely defines your personal style. There’s total freedom here—mix and match dainty gold chains with nature-infused (coral, turquoise, horn, bone) statement pieces. Bags are where you can have a lot of fun. Jewel-box clutches, pouches and envelope clutches are all the rage and have landed in perfect time for all of your nightlife escapades.

Lastly, where would we be without the new Essie colors. This season, we’re loving “After School Boy Blazer,” a dark blueish violet that harkens back lovingly to school uniform days, and “For the Twill of It,” an awesome iridescent-slash-ombre shimmery number for parties and nights out.

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