Shop ’til You Drop: Take to the Streets for Home Shopping

Home furnishings from Mecox Gardens. Photo credit:
Home furnishings from Mecox Gardens. Photo credit:

This week’s shopping excursion began with a coffee at Hampton Coffee Company in Water Mill and a bag full of organic apples at the Green Thumb, right next door. They looked so clean and fresh I boycotted washing in favor of the old rub-on-the-sweater and bit into a juicy Honeycrisp while driving. They haven’t made that illegal, yet. The sun was shining, the air was crisp and I was on my way to East Hampton for a little Shop ’Til action.

First order of business—spruce up my apartment. Despite all of my recent trips to East Hampton, I’d never gone inside Restoration Hardware, so this time I just drifted inside. Instantly I was swept away to another world—a world of elegant brown leather couches, crystal-clear lighting, enlarged antique maps of Paris and Rome and breathable, high ceilings—grand yet comfortable. You could come home to a place like this after a long day of work, exchange your shoes for velvet slippers and settle in with a nice old leather-bound book. Upstairs are sinks, cabinets, towels, bedding and lovely candles with fragrances like French Oak and Belgian Linen. Restoration Hardware is located at 69 Main Street, East Hampton. Call 631-907-1300 or visit

After a little pick-me-up at Starbucks and a quick stop at BookHampton, it was onward to Newtown Lane to see the Robert Dash exhibition at The Drawing Room, one of my favorite East End galleries. On the way to the gallery, I peeked in Mecox Gardens, in search of a picture frame, and came across a fantastic selection of furniture, home décor and gift items. For the interior designer in your life, there’s a pleasing choice of coffee table books, including the Victoria Hagan: Interior Portraits book. Mecox Gardens is located at 66 Newtown Lane, East Hampton. Call 631-329-9405 or visit

For you online shoppers out there, I’ve got something amazing that’ll make a great gift around the holidays or even just for yourself. It’s the Agraria TasselAire. Truly “An Unexpected Fragrance Experience,” my TasselAire hangs from a closet doorknob in my hallway and every time I pass by I get a wonderful, subtle hint of luxurious fragrance. I love the Golden Cassis, but other favorites are the Cedar Rose, Lemon Verbena and Lavender & Rosemary. Beautifully packaged, the TasselAire comes with a little bottle of Refresher Oil. Agraria products can be found at Saks, Bergdorf, Neiman’s and online at

After spending so much time working to primp my home, it was time to give myself a little TLC. I beelined to White’s Pharmacy for the amazing makeup counter. There’s Lancôme, Clinique, Estée Lauder, Shiseido, Clarins and oh-so-much-more. With the change of seasons comes a different skin tone, so I was in the mood for a new foundation and found a perfect match with a lightweight bareMinerals compact. I left looking dewy and radiant and also managed to pick up a few essentials like toothpaste and a rolly-lint picker-upper thing. White’s Pharmacy is located at 81 Main Street, East Hampton. Call 631-324-0082 or visit

Next on my list was a new bathrobe, and luckily Bonne Nuit was right there, doors open, cashmere wraps inviting me in. I found an ankle-length white jersey bathrobe, in the softest cotton ever, made by Skin that fits snugly and clings to the body in all the right places. Bonne Nuit carries more than gorgeous undergarments—they also have cozy slippers, sweaters, and pajamas ranging from comfy-cozy to sultry sexy and everything in between. Bonne Nuit is located at 55 Main Street, East Hampton. Call 631-324-7273.

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