Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Our Favorite Revenge Characters

A very special Revenge Halloween
A very special Revenge Halloween, Graphic: Oliver Peterson

Last week, we examined the Top 5 Real-Life Hamptons locations we’d like to see on Revenge. Today, in honor of the spookiest holiday, we’ve picked the Top 5 Halloween costumes for our favorite Revenge characters!

5. Nolan Ross – Nightcrawler (X-Men)
A self-professed geek, Nolan would totally go to a costume party dressed as this swashbuckling, teleporting blue mutant from Marvel Comics. Nightcrawler is a dashing, debonair fellow who’s also sneaky and cunning. Sound familiar? Nolan would fit right in with the mutant misfits at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters!

4. Victoria Grayson – Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)
Maleficent, the icy, malicious witch from Disney’s classic fairy tale is the perfect Halloween persona for Queen Victoria. Maleficent is scarily quiet and tempered, but cross her and she’ll turn into a fire-breathing dragon — literally. Victoria no doubt looks at Emily with the same hatred Maleficent feels for Aurora, making this a match made in hell.

3. Charlotte Grayson – Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)
Say what you will about Charlotte — I always do — but there does seem to be something more to the Hamptonite debutante than good fashion sense and a posh lifestyle. Elle Woods defied everyone’s expectations and carved a new identity for herself, which Charlotte has been trying to do since the show began. We wouldn’t say that Charlotte has a heart of gold like the perky lawyer, but she’s certainly got the strong will.

2. Daniel Grayson – Scarecrow (The Wizard of Oz)
“If I only had a brain,” said the Scarecrow to Dorothy as she made her way down the Yellow Brick Road. Daniel, well meaning as he may be, always seems to be a bit slow on the uptake — it took him three seasons to realize he’d never seen a picture of Emily as a child! And since he already has a blank expression, he wouldn’t need much makeup for the costume. Well, aside from the whole “made of straw and burlap” thing.

1. Emily Thorne – Victoria Grayson (Real life? Revenge?)
Let’s face it the only real difference between Emily and Victoria is their hair color. They’re mean, vindictive and vengeful, and both are hiding extreme feelings of loneliness and heartache. We’ve seen Emily with a heart (albeit not too often) and Victoria is basically the only person who truly feels sorry about what happened to Emily’s father. Emily hates Victoria with a passion, but it’s very clear that much of her hatred stems from a fear of becoming like her. Plus, Emily’s a pro with wigs, so donning Victoria’s long locks would be simple!

What costumes do you think the characters would wear? What about Aiden, Jack, Patrick and Conrad? Let us know in the comments section, and don’t forget to read our Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap on Monday!

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